Our Story

At Ativa, we pride ourselves on creating unique and elegant designer jewellery handcrafted from beautiful pearls, semi-precious gemstones, glass and crystals. Inspired by an intimate awareness of the world around us, and a passion for art and design, our collections are both timeless and contemporary, with special attention to detail and presentation.
Although the jewellery line started back in 2006 by young designer Logan Belworthy, the brand name Ativa was introduced and launched in 2012. Ativa Jewellery is a multifaceted, boutique jewellery brand and company based in New Zealand.
Careful intricate handwork plays a crucial role in creating our jewellery, with all of our pieces proudly designed and handmade in New Zealand in limited edition quantities.
Our range is constantly evolving, growing and being refined, by forever creating new designs, to sourcing new and exciting mediums to include in our collections. We hope you love wearing our jewellery as much as we've enjoyed creating it.
Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you!